Tips on How to Use a Face Scrub

by Ana | Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Beauty is not always skin deep. It has to radiate from every pore of your skin, and the best news is that your skin is your lifelong friend. You may be black or white or even tanned, but the quality of the skin still demands attention. Its richness is what speaks of the caring you give.

The skin is a crucial part of the human body. Despite our busy schedule, it is the skin that demands more of our care and time. It is also the part that gets oily and dirty easily. Our skin consists of open pores.

Due to pollution, our pores catch dirt easily. Thus, blocking the air from reaching into the pores and making our skin oilier. At times like these, we need something or more likely a magic brush that will wipe away all our impurities and make our skin cleaner, brighter and cheerier.

What is a Face Scrub?

Advancement in Health Sciences has led to the production of a magical tool for all those dirty pores and oily skin problems. A face scrub is an exfoliation product designed and tested specifically by leading and experienced dermatologists.

Due to different weather conditions, the most exposed part of the body being the face experiences a lot of wear and tear and needs special skin care. Face scrubs are designed for different types of skin like oily, dry, dead skin, etc.

Remember it is vital to use face scrubs marked for facial care and prescribed by a dermatologist rather than any scrubs, which may be harsh to the skin and cause damage to the face.

Types of Face Scrubs

While choosing your face scrub, it is pertinent that you choose the one that matches your skin type or closest to your skin type. The market is buzzing with products for both men and women from all streams of life. People try out many new products, which are thronging the markets with their never-ending marketing and advertisements.

Sometimes the product may be extremely cheap. However, a cheap product may spoil and scar your skin. The products need not fit into the budget, but the basic needs of cleansing your face have to be secured. While starting a face cleansing ritual its important that you choose a good scrub. Let’s look at some face scrubs.

Natural Face Scrub

A natural face scrub has a perfect blend of dried herbs and minerals that help in removing dead skin cells. The scrub renews the glow of the skin, tightens the pores, prevents acne, decongests and provides a glowing and radiant complexion.

Organic Face Scrub

Blended well with oil derivatives, natural plant actives and granular well-pounded seeds, an organic face scrub is soft enough to avoid scratches. It removes dull cells from the skin surface and blackheads gently, and enhances your skin with that natural glow.

Herbal Face Scrub

An herbal face scrub consists of fruit extracts. It efficiently removes the impurities and polishes the skin. With the blend of essential oils, it balances the moisture of the skin, removes the dead skin, unclogs pores and gives a sparkling glow to the face.

Exfoliating Face Scrub

New skin cells are formed in the dermis of the skin. These new cells keep pushing the older skin cells to the epidermis as these dead skin cells hang on to the skin in the form of flakes. This results in the clogging of pores and formation of acne. An exfoliating scrub helps scrub the skin gently and cleanse it.

Homemade Face Scrub

Some scrubs gaining popularity these days are made with a base scrub consisting of baking soda and different ingredients like Turmeric, sandalwood, olive oil and herbs easily available in the garden and at home. This is cheap and efficiently cleanses your skin.

Acne Face Scrub

Since the basic aim of using a face scrub is to remove the excess oil and the dirt without irritation, in the case of acne the best face scrub would be that which contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. This helps in reducing inflammation and removing blemishes from the face.

Benefits of a Face Scrub

In choosing a face scrub, you need to keep in mind the type of skin you have and whether you’re allergic or not to any ingredient. Face scrubs contain different types of enzymes that help in activating the process of exfoliation. Choose the face scrub that will not alleviate the issue.

Tips on How to Use a Face Scrub

Depending on your skin type, the dermatologist will prescribe a face scrub and even advice you about the number of times that you need to use the product.  Most of these reputed products have the desired tips and direction for use on their pack.



Post Process

Face scrubs gently scrubs away the dead skin revealing a radiant looking fresh and glowing face. Its exfoliating powder is derived from a variety of fruits herbs, vegetables, oils and different extracts.

It gently massages and removes the dead skin revealing a glowing texture to your face. Its creamy texture hydrates the skin lightly, cleansing and leaving it soft and radiant.

Exfoliation using a face scrub helps in the natural shedding of dead skin and re-tones the skin making it look healthier and glowing. Face scrub prevents acne, reduces oily pores, and even reduces wrinkles. It makes the skin a canvas for any beauty treatment.