Face Scrub for Dry Skin

by Ana | Last Updated: March 23, 2021

More than anything, the skin on your face is more delicate compared to the rest of your body. A lot of factors can cause your skin to be dry such as exposure to pollution, the elements and water. Other causes might be health related and certain genetic factors.

When exposed to harsh winds and extreme cold, the skin can become very dry. Even indoors, you are not sure of avoiding dry skin since if there is a lack of humidity, chances are, you will get dry skin. Aging is also a factor because the older you get, the skin also becomes thinner and less elastic.

Moreover, do not be sure of cleansers and makeup because harsh products can also dry your skin. And yes, dehydration, above anything else, is a major cause of dry skin; this can either be due to severe diarrhea or too little fluid intake.

Most likely your skin tends to flake and peel as it gets drier, feeling rough to touch. Once your skin loses its natural oils and turns dry, it also performs poorly in protecting the tissues under the skin.

But do not worry too much because just like any problem, having dry skin has a solution. A face scrub is one, and a homemade version is easy to make. Not only will it help in restoring the normal texture of your face, it will also alleviate dryness and expose a bare and fresh layer of undamaged skin.

Usually, facial scrubs combine ingredients known for removing dry skin and nourishing your skin’s new layer. A basic scrub contains two common ingredients found in pantries like oatmeal and cornmeal.

It is suggested you mix one tablespoon of oatmeal and two of cornmeal. Add three tablespoons of water and two to three drops of palmarosa or chamomile (they are essential oils for dry skin). If you have more mature skin, use frankincense or carrot seed oil.

Another homemade face scrub for dry skin require the following ingredients : 1/8 cup honey, 1/8 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup uncooked oats.

To start, pulse the oats in a food processor until they are broken down a bit. Do not turn them into a powder yet. The purpose of the oats is to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead and dry skin. After that, transfer the oats to a small and clean bowl where you will add in the olive oil and honey. Mix all of them together using a spoon or fork.

Make sure to clean your skin thoroughly. Gently massage your face as you add a thick layer of the facial scrub, and do it for 60 seconds. Then, leave it on your face for another 5 to 10 minutes to get extra moisture. When finished, rinse with cold water.

In wiping your face, be careful not to rub, and just pat your face with a towel until your skin is dry to remove any remaining scrub. If necessary, apply another layer of coconut or olive oil as a moisturizer. Very easy, right?

You can expect to remove dry skin after using this face scrub. And really, it is important to treat flaky, dry skin since it does not absorb moisture anymore, and just blocks your pores. You need a fresh layer of skin that is prepared to protect your tissues from the harsh and polluted environment. This will be able to absorb the moisture it needs so it can do its task properly.

You have to remember that in using homemade scrubs, be sure they contain ingredients that perish immediately, or store them in your refrigerator. Do a patch test before having a full facial scrub to avoid unexpected allergic reactions and irritation.

One way is to apply a small amount on your arm and leave it there for 15 minutes. After that, check for signs of irritation, like a rash or redness. Substitute olive oil for sweet almond oil in your scrub recipes if you are allergic to nuts.