Face Scrub Benefits

by Ana | Last Updated: March 23, 2021

It’s important that you take care of your skin and pamper it each and every time you wash it if you want healthy and younger looking skin. Using a facial scrub is one of the important regimens you should do to improve the appearance of your skin.

Facial skin is very sensitive compared to any of your body parts, making it prone to problems like dark spots, acne, dryness and a lot more. Also, it is the most exposed part of the body that definitely requires special attention.

Most people think that using a facial scrub is harmful, totally not true as long as you use the right one containing the proper ingredients. A facial scrub is supposed to remove dead skin from your face and expose a new layer of fresh looking skin.  The perfect facial scrub will provide the following benefits:

And the list goes on and on. Basically, face scrub benefits revolve around having a clean, fresh, smooth, bright and younger looking skin. It removes things that should not be there on your face in the first place, such as dirt, grime, dead skin, too much sebum and other harmful or useless elements. So if you want to get rid of all these, start using a face scrub now.

Another question you may have concerns how often you should scrub your face. It really depends on your skin type as to the times you must exfoliate. Exfoliating every day is generally not recommended; 2 to 3 times a week is what most dermatologists recommend, so if you have been doing it every day, stop.  Wait a few days and let your skin recover before you have another scrubbing session.

You should follow these steps in properly exfoliating your face:

Here are some types of face scrubs you can use:

Physical cream exfoliators

These are cream scrubs containing microbeads in a moisturizing lotion or cream base. This is great for people with dry skin. But do not just use any physical cream exfoliator as some have sharp-edged beads that can cause micro-scratches on your skin. With that, look for those who have rounded beads.

Physical gel exfoliators

These yield the same results as cream scrub, but they are in gel form, making them better for those who have oily and combination skin types.

Chemical exfoliators

These contain lactic, glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid to chemically remove dead cells on your skin’s surface. They are also recommended for those with oily skin. Use a chemical exfoliator once or twice a week only and at night. You can then increase the number of times you use it during the week once your skin has adjusted.

Cloth or pad exfoliators

They can cater to all skin types, except for those with skin issues. They can help with fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation. Do not overuse.