Clinique Skin Supplies For Men: Face Scrub 100ml Review

by Ana | Last Updated: January 15, 2021

If you are the kind of man who does not care about his skin, you may want to reconsider. It is very important that you take good care of your skin, since it can affect a huge part of your life. You may not really notice it, but perhaps your self confidence is greatly affected because of the spots, zits and blemishes on your face that you choose to ignore. Do you want to change that and have flawless skin on your face?

You can do that, and it is surprisingly easy. You can find the perfect product for your face, something like the Clinique Skin Supplies For Men face scrub.



The Clinique For Men Face Scrub is an exceptional personal skin care product made available for men. It smoothes and revives the skin while removing oil and dead flakes, and lifts beard hairs. It also helps clear the area if you intend to have a closer shave.

Also, if one of your concerns is ingrown hair, this product can aid in reducing its growth. Get promising results with this facial scrub and enjoy young-looking skin that other men will envy.

This facial scrub has tiny microbeads that deeply cleanse your pores and removes dead skin cells, really giving you a gentle exfoliating experience. As an outcome, you get a refreshed and revitalized face. It also has menthol that invigorates you and instantly wakes you up in the morning.

And though it may be priced higher than other scrubs, you will be sure to use it for a very long time because you only need a small amount for each use. All in all, this will not be irritating to your skin, unlike other products.

A bonus factor is that it shrinks large pores, making your skin look bright and fresh. And if you want to take things further, use the scruffing lotion and moisturizer from the same brand after each facial scrub. Also, this product is something men of any age can use.

Whether you are a struggling teenage boy who just wants to survive puberty with a face as unscathed as possible, or a mature, full-grown man who wants to maintain a young-looking face, this facial scrub will never let you down. Surely, you will feel fresh, smooth and clean every after wash.


One thing users have observed is that it has a very poor package—the new tube shape looks like a cheaper design compared to the original one. It is also inconvenient, since it is difficult to open and even harder to squeeze the contents out.

While that may be the case for some, others experienced otherwise, as when they squeezed the tube, the content comes out on the side rather than through the front opening, so it was wasting the content. And since the tube design seems to be cheap, it easily cracks after just a couple of weeks’ use.

Another concern was that this product costs way too much through Amazon compared to other stores. There were claims that they were able to buy this facial scrub at a much lower price. But other than that, there were no major negative comments about how the product works.


Aside from the major concern of customers, which concerned the new packaging of this product, the Clinique For Men Face Scrub is highly recommended. If not the best, this is one of the greatest facial scrubs for men out there.

What else could you be looking for? This product effectively removes oiliness, dead flakes and even helps lift beard hairs! It is like a one-stop-shop that gives you everything you need. It also helps in preparing your skin for closer shaving so you do not experience any difficulty or possibly get nicked.

It is really made for deep-face scrubbing because of its scrub beads that deeply cleanse your pores as well as eliminate dead skin cells. So if you want to achieve brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin, start using this product and you will definitely feel clean and fresh every single time.